The Hero's Handbook

  • Your Hero's Journey

    How you can practically shift the perception of your life to see it as your heroic journey.

  • Your Mission

    How you discover and live the most important thing in your life... your mission and your vision.

  • Master's Advice

    Discover the best tools and techniques of masters and elders from all around the world.

  • Sovereignty

    How you can claim the full sovereignty over your life and reprogram your own mental conditioning.

  • Hero's Training

    The Book is full of techniques and tools you can directly implement in your life to boost your fitness, inner balance and social skills.

  • 9 Hero Principles

    The 9 Hero Principles give you the framework to unfold your full potential. Implement them and witness your transformation.

I am here to say how honored I am to be invited to participate in this book.

Kay Sara

Brazilian Actress & Activist

Toni Reilly

Best-selling author & Australia’s #1 Regression Specialist

Wonderful! This book sounds great.
Sounds like a worthy project.

Sacha Stone

Founder of The New Earth ProjectHumanitad and the International Tribunal for Natural Justice

Presented by

Sascha Wagener

Sascha led quite a special life in the last 20 years. His research and training journeys brought him to mountain temples, monasteries and tribal warriors all around the world. He taught world-known clients in Asia's most prestigious wellness resort and is co-founder of the Secret Elements Qi Gong & Therapy system and founding member of the Missing Link Martial Arts Research Society.



A Life Full Of Adventure...

  • Sascha is teaching around the world
  • He developed different systems in health, self-healing & martial arts that are used in over 10 different countries
  • Author of several books
  • Taught high-end clients like CEOs of the silicon valley internet giants
  • Visiting expert in the world famous Aman resorts...

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  • Not everyone will like it. Especially the ones who don't want to question existing paradigms.

  • The Hero's Handbook is not a one-magic-technique guide that promises instant change. You have to walk the path in the end.

The Hero's Handbook

Kay Sara


Kay Sara is a well-known spokesperson against the looming destruction of the Amazon. She told us about the traditional medicine her family still practices and gave us a fascinating insight into the importance of rites of passage.

    Sacha Stone


    Founder of The New Earth ProjectHumanitad and the International Tribunal for Natural Justice, Sacha is a force of nature, both in shedding light on and exposing the old paradigms and creating new blueprints for a new emerging earth.

      Bruce Shillingsworth


      Bruce is an Aboriginal Australian warrior for the rights of water, an activist, and artist. He talked with us about the threatened rivers of Australia, the natural laws of the land and how we should all work together to protect mother nature.

        Rani Michelle


        Rani teaches a conscious sexuality and intimacy. She believes this work is a vital part of positive change and is passionate about the embodied re-education of sexuality and relating. She shows how important it is to claim sovereign power over your own intimacy and body image. 

          Toni Reilly


          Toni Reilly is an international best-selling author, speaker, seminar leader and Australia’s number one internationally recognised Regression Specialist. Her insight and experience with past lives brings an important longterm perspective into peoples understanding of their lives.

            Ke'oni Hanalei


            Ke’oni Hanalei is a Hawaiian alchemist & botanist born and raised on the island of Maui. Upon birth he was adopted by his grandmother, who was a well known and recognized kahuna, or Hawaiian spiritual healer. He now carries on the teachings of his long ancestral line going back to 'Mu' culture.

              Zen Monk - Souken Danjo


              Souken Danjo lives all on his own in a 600 year old Zen temple in the mountains of the Hiroshima province in Japan. Besides living the humble life of a Zen monk he travels the world on his mission of peace and love and takes part in inter-faith conferences and teaches people how to meditate.

                Huna Mauta Taki (Huna Flash)


                Huna Flash is a Maori shaman who travels the world on his quest to open and seal the major energy portals and stargates on this planet. His mission is to guide and assist the process of renewal on earth and to help re-install old Lemurian wisdom in our culture, institutions, and collective consciousness.

                Rafael Järmann


                The Swiss nutrition expert Rafael Järmann studied at renowned schools in the US and collected a wealth of knowledge in fields like physiology, gut microbes, genomics, raw foods, fermentation, and many more. His holistic approach offers a true understanding about the powerful impact nutrition has on our lives.



                  Antar, in his own words, was a misfit born in Bombay. At the age of 19, he joined his Guru in a remote village on the coastal lines of western India and started living the ashram life. A life of no ambition, no competition, no comparison. Now he is a Yoga scholar and a deep seeker of the knowledge of Yoga as a whole.

                  Founded by Camilla, Joana & Sascha the Hero Tribe is a community, a network of experts, and organizer of retreat camps and trainings in the fields of self-development, sovereignty, movement and meditation.

                  The Tribe is an active community that empowers its members to live their lives with their fullest potential. Whatever your preconditions are, everyone is on their individual hero's journey, and the Hero Tribe is meant to support you.

                  The Spirit of the Hero camps are the best place to discover your heroic self. Held at special locations around the world the camps awake your innate awesomeness and prepare you for the next big steps in your life.

                  • How long does the delivery of the book take?

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                  • Do I take out a subscription?

                    No! Don't worry, there is no subscription or any hidden costs.

                  • Why is the book discounted?

                    Our mission is to help all beautiful souls out there who feel that there is more waiting for them. We want to live in a world where everyone is their own inner hero, and everyone lives truthful and follows their heart's mission. Producing the book was an enormous endeavor and we would have liked to give it away for free. But we had to make a compromise. We also know that when people have to make a small investment they are more likely to actually use a new item, book, or a course. And we want everyone to read the book and take decisive action to claim their hero's journey. :-)

                  • I read a lot of self-help books. Why should I get this one?

                    We also read a lot of them. Some amazing and some not so convincing. But The Hero's Handbook is not a normal self-help book. It is your companion, your boy scout guide, your Jedi manual. We brought together a circle of mentors from all corners of the world who coach you to awake your full potential. I would have dearly wished to have this book some years ago. It is the mentor and framework that you need for any kind of positive change in your life. It is pure hero's magic.

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